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Summer Employment

Are you looking for a great summer job? If you have a SEED voucher, we want to hear from you!

The Riverview Arts Centre currently has 2 openings for summer interns. The positions do not require any special training only a great attitude and an excellent opportunity to improve your skills in a number of very marketable areas.

Our summer intern program is designed to mentor you in a flexible business environment . We take the skills and field of interest to give you and excellent business opportunity.

Last years students worked in areas such as; technical programing, vendor management, special events, Digital creative design, social media, accounting, office management, sales and customer experience.

The positions are designed to assist students in gaining practical experience in their field of study and interests and prepare them for future success all while having fun promoting and supporting a local theatre achieve their goals.

If you qualify for the SEED program and are interested in the position, please contact: