Proudly presented by the residents of Parkland Estates - Royal Court

On Thursday September 6, 2007 the residents of Parkland Estates in Riverview launched a cookbook called Flavours of Christmas. Attending the 'Wine and Cheese' event hosted by the staff of Parklands Estates were various Government Officials, RAC Board Members, and guests. Piano music provided by Mark Lloyd.

The cookbook has been in the making for the past year. It features beverages, desserts and appetizers that often grace the Christmas dinner table but can also be served year-round according to Brenda Taylor, who worked on the production of the 83 page cookbook.

Back in September 2006, after opening night at the Riverview Arts Centre, the residents decided the money raised from the cookbook would be donated to the Arts Centre. The first printing has produced 1000 copies that will be sold in local outlets for $10 each, HST included.

There are still a couple of cookbooks left for sale from our box office, which is open one hour prior to our shows, or send an email to